Calling All Photographers, Interviewers, & Reviewers!

Are you a photographer who loves the energy that bands bring to your photographs? What about interviewing? Are you good at getting information from artists that would be good news to their fans? Do you like to write? How about doing reviews for newest album release, or an awesome concert you’re just dying to talk about!

Taking Roads Media is looking for new staff members!

If you like doing any of those, contact us @

If you:
-are a concert goer
-have a flexible schedule
-reliable transportation
-are very out going
-will be determined to work for us

then send us an email. you might be our next Photographer, Interviewer, or Reviewer.

In The Email: Please Include the following

  • Your Name, City/State, & a little bit about yourself
  • What you want to apply for
  • if you are able to attend a show if we assign you to a project
  • Why should we welcome you to the TRM crew

For Photographers: (must have a DSLR & know basic photography skills)

  • send us 2-5 of your best photos.

For Interviewers: (must not be shy when interviewing & know how to record/write down information attentively & accurately)

  • send us an interview you did & a sample of your writing

For Reviewers: (must know how to structure & write a good review)

  • send us a recent review & a sample of your writing

If you have any additional questions feel free to ask in the email as well.

We are all very excited to welcome new team members! So if you are interested, send us an email.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a payed position. It is simply for individuals who have extra time to contribute news, interviews, photographs & etc. & of course who have a love for music.



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