We Are The In Crowd Drops Off Taking Back Sunday Tour

As we all know We Are The In Crowd had just finished recording their upcoming album, which started their gears to focus on their album release. The band had decided to drop off the Taking Back Sunday tour and released a statement about it:

Hey eveyrone,

It comes with great regret to inform everyone that we won’t be able to partake in the upcoming Taking Back Sunday tour dates. Unfortunately, we’ve had to go way over our recording schedule and it conflicts with the dates on the tour. This upcoming record is extremely important to us and we want to make sure we release something that wasn’t compromised because of timing or conflicts. We know this will bum out a lot of people, but trust us when we say that we want to make sure our album is the absolute best it can be.

We’d like to thank Taking BackSunday for inviting us to partake on their tour. We urge everyone to go out and support them because this is a great tour and their new album is amazing.

Thanks for understanding and hope to see you guys out on the All Time Low tour.

Tay, Jordan, Mike, Rob, and Cameron”

As an extension to that statement, Mike Ferri released a statement of his own on his tumblr:

To answer your question…

There are very few bands that I can say I grew up with, bands who’s music I felt truly belonged to me the second I bought their newest release… Taking Back Sunday is one of those bands, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of watching them grow from a small band with a similar geographic location as me, to one of the biggest and best live bands around. I can safely say that the music they’ve made has had a huge impact on the five of us, and an even greater impact on the music we make. The fact that we were given an opportunity to tour with them this summer will always stand as one of the most exciting moments in my career in music, which is a career that can end just as quickly as it started. I can say without a doubt, that had we been able to be a part of the TBS summer tour, in the end it would have been one of the best tours of my life. It bums me (and the rest of the band) out that we can’t take part in this, but just know that we did what we had to do to bring you the full length record that you as fans, and we as artists have been waiting for. We hope that those of you who had planned to see us on the tour will forgive us for making the decision we had to make, we promise it was made with the Best Intentions.

Please go out and support TBS on the remainder of their summer tour, and pick up their new record, it’s fucking awesome. We can’t wait to see all of you later in the summer. It’s going to be an exciting year, and we’re looking forward to every minute of it.”


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