Where’s The Band Tour- February 7th @ The Yost Theater

IMG_0921 copy

View Photos of Where’s the Band Tour Here.

Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It.)

IMG_0311 copy

IMG_0312 copy

IMG_0290 copy

IMG_0318 copy

IMG_0351 copy

Ace Enders (The Early November)

IMG_0368 copy

IMG_0403 copy

IMG_0442 copy

IMG_0430 copy

IMG_0459 copy

IMG_0486 copy

IMG_0492 copy

Chris Conley
IMG_0538 copy

IMG_0544 copy

IMG_0573 copy

IMG_0550 copy

IMG_0580 copy

IMG_0569 copy

IMG_0581 copy

Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids)
IMG_0594 copy

IMG_0605 copy

IMG_0607 copy

IMG_0631 copy

IMG_0637 copy

IMG_0644 copy

Anthony Raneri (Bayside)
IMG_0687 copy

IMG_0697 copy

IMG_0725 copy

IMG_0732 copy

IMG_0736 copy

Ace Enders, Matt Pryor and Anthony Raneri covering “Rainbow Connection” by Kermit the Frog.

IMG_0660 copy

IMG_0661 copy

IMG_0671 copy

Dustin Kensrue (Thrice)
IMG_0831 copy

IMG_0811 copy

IMG_0855 copy

IMG_0893 copy

IMG_0866 copy

IMG_0874 copy


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