“Jocelyn Is Anyone You Want Her to Be”: Iowa-based Jocelyn Hold UStream Listening Party; Preview Their Upcoming EP!

Monica Fernandez

It’s been a long time coming since there’s been a band who has moved me even before their music has. And while I admit to cheating just a little bit (I was a fan of their music under a different band name, BackDrop), I’ve gotten to know the guys of Jocelyn better than I ever knew the guys of BackDrop.

Jocelyn is the latest creation from Iowa-based Landen Boyer, Alex Wiese, and Steve Lydick – a pop-rock trio whose signature sound can only bring smiles to anyone who listens to it. For months now, Jocelyn has been building a large following, thanks to previous (and loyal) BackDrop fans and much word of mouth. They’ve been talking the talk, but could they really walk the walk? Their debut listening party on Monday, April 9, definitely proved they could.

The listening party, hosted on the band’s UStream account, lasted an hour, during which they played four songs from their upcoming five-song EP (to be released this summer).

“Everything (I Want to Know)” will be the first single off of this EP, to be released on iTunes on April 15th. Beginning with the line “Are you really the girl that I used to know? ‘Cause I’m not really sure who you are anymore,” this song is definitely radio material in all the right ways. Poppy “ohs” and the blend of guitars and drums that make Jocelyn who they are leave you tapping your feet and bobbing your head without even knowing what you’re doing.

But not everything is about catchy hooks and cute lyrics. “Only the Best,” the last song the trio played for their UStream audience, originated after the tragic deaths of several young teenagers in their area. This song only solidifies what the band members themselves have been telling us for months: As it says on their Facebook page, “Jocelyn exists for the sole purpose of connecting with as many lives as possible…People matter and your story is important to us.” The lines of the song “Never thought you’d make your way over at the wrong time” and the hook “It’s only the best die young” reveal the true heart behind the band. Not every moving song has to be a ballad, and Jocelyn prove that powerful lyrics mixed with the signature guitar and drums, and the meaningful hook that will be stuck in your head for days, not just because of the melody, but because of the truth behind the words.

And what about the remaining two songs? Well, you’ll just have to wait for the EP to come out in the summer to form your own opinions about those. Can’t give everything away, now can we? I bet you wish you had watched the listening party, huh? ;P

And the fifth song on the EP? A cover of The Script’s “Break Even,” which Steve and Landen were scheduled to record later that night. From the teaser they posted on their Twitter account weeks ago, I know we’re in for a mindblowing cover.

Things are blowing up for Jocelyn in the coming months. They plan to travel across the country promoting their music this summer, so watch out for them in your city and buy their music! And be sure to pick up “Everything (I Want to Know)” when it drops in iTunes on April 15th!

If this listening party was any indication of the future of this band, I have a feeling they’re in for one hell of a bright ride.

You can find Jocelyn at:






Their phone number: (319) 804-9727 [Call or text anytime, about anything. These guys are about more than their music. They’re about connecting.]




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