Review: Anthony Green with Geoff Rickly Acoustic show 12-16-12

IMG_1974 copy

Anthony Green.

Geoff Rickly.

Geoff Rickly.

Photos by Bonnie Orozco. Review by Sarah Sathavipat.

As small as the Glass House venue is, it definitely packed in an oversized crowd on December 16, when Geoff Rickly (best known as the lead singer of the post-hardcore band, Thursday) and Anthony Green (current lead singer of Circa Survive and former Saosin vocalist) performed a sold-out show in Pomona, California on their solo tour. Before show even started, it was evident that their died-hard fans came out in full force with the line to get into The Glass House wrapped around the block and lines to meet Geoff and Anthony wrapped around the corner.

The night began with anticipation and excitement as Geoff Rickly came out on stage with his acoustic guitar (and some whiskey for good show). As the room fell silent, he started off performing the song No Answers which many diehard Thursday fans sang along to. There was an intimate vibe between him and the audience, as he continued to perform songs off his solo mix tape, like “Your Love Is A Pawnshop”; songs filled with heartache, pain, and longing. What was most captivating about his performance was the emotion instilled in such a haunting voice that rose with anger but then softened with sweetness. His voice is even better live than in recordings. It has a clear, resonating quality that filled the venue.  Even with his cover of Usher’s single “Climax”, there was a strong poignancy that was emotionally evoking.  Geoff expressed his gratefulness at being able to have music be his career, and that he just wanted to share it with everyone, whether they paid for it or not.  There was a very touching moment when he invited a young couple out on stage and a marriage proposal took place. At the end of his 40-minute set, he performed “Turnpike Divides” from Thursday’s newest and sixth album, “No Devolución”.

Anthony Green performed next with a mix of songs from his band Circa Survive and his solo project “Avalon”. Circa Survive is a post-hardcore band from the suburbs of Philadelphia that formed in the year 2004. They have produced six albums in total, including their most recent one, “Violent Waves”. They’re best known for their singles like “Act Appalled”, which Anthony performed with Geoff on stage during the middle of his set. In comparison to Circa Survive’s hard, progressive music, Anthony’s solo album “Avalon” is a much different record that renders a softer, subdued vibe. His performances of the songs off of “Avalon” made him seem more in touch with who he is and the audience. Circa Survive fans, new and old, will definitely resonate with this record. At the end of the show, he performed an encore of “Seven Years” by his former band Saosin. The crowd sang along loudly in unison with great zealous and afterwards, left the venue with smiles once Anthony bid goodbye and went off stage.

It was a special night for Anthony Green and Geoff Rickly as this was the last date of their solo tour this month.  It was a treat for fans to hear old songs that they grew up listening to as well as new songs that were just as powerful and heart-wrenching. Geoff is scheduled to appear on the Acoustic Basement tour this February. More information on the Acoustic Basement tour is available here :

You can download Geoff’s solo mixtape here:


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