Review: The Hush Sound at the Glass House

Review by Sarah Sathavipat

Saturday, March 9, 2013 was an exciting night for many who attended the 7:30 PM show at the Glass House in Pomona, CA. The Hush Sound, after having been MIA since 2008, finally decided to do a reunion tour this year, headlining their shows with three other artists and bands: Lucas Carpenter, Sydney Wayser, and The Last Royals.

The first performer, Lucas Carpenter, is a one-man-band from Pennsylvania who uses recorded musical loops live on stage. His use of sarcasm, humor, and honesty in his poetic songs makes him a likeable character and his lyrics are very relatable. He was very sincere, funny, and notably enthusiastic on stage which kept the crowd’s attention and interest throughout his entire performance. I found myself smiling and giggling at a few of the puns and jokes sung throughout his songs.

The second performer, Sydney Wayser, had a much different sound and tone than Lucas Carpenter’s. She’s a French-American singer-songwriter who has the talent for creating a sultry, jazz attitude in her music. Throughout her and her band’s performance, there was a sort of summery, whimsical yet emotional tinge set in the atmosphere that I found very captivating and beautiful. Their performance of the song “Dream It Up” transported me back to those nice, summer days spent out on the beach and outdoor shopping plazas and it was then that I was instantly hooked onto their sound.

The third performer, The Last Royals, also took a different transition in sound apart from Lucas and Sydney. They are an American Indie/Pop duo from New York whose songs are very energetic, powerful, and upbeat backed up with dark and emotional lyrics. I found their sound to be quite eclectic in that I thought some songs sounded like other bands’ music such as “The Only Brave”, which had a Killers’ vibe to it. Overall, their performance was a rollercoaster ride through loud, heavy, guitar chords to soft, bittersweet vocals.
Finally after much anticipation, the band we’ve all been waiting for to see live since our high school years, The Hush Sound, appeared on stage and the crowd went wild in uproar and utter excitement. They opened up their set with “We Intertwined”, a fun and perky song which is a big fan favorite off their album “Like Vines”. They continued to play other big fan favorites from all three of their albums including “Medicine Man”, “Sweet Tangerine”, “Molasses”, and “Wine Red”. It was just as great to hear these songs live as much as listening to the hilarious banter between Robert (Bob) Morris and Greta Salpeter, the lead vocalists, in between each song performed. At the end of their set, they were called out for an encore and performed new music never heard before including the songs “Scavengers” and “Not A Stranger”. In comparison to their old music 5-8 years ago, the new songs sounded much peppier, upbeat, and aggressive, which gave a new modern kick to their sound but still had a hint of the sweet, jazzy melody reminiscent of The Hush Sound’s music. All in all, it was a great show for long-time fans of The Hush Sound who have been listening to them since the mid- to late-2000’s and throughout their hiatus the past 4 years. Truthfully, it was an unexpected reunion but a thrilling revitalization of a great band in which we are glad to hear will continue to entertain us with much more evolved and powerful songs in the years to come. I definitely look forward to their new EP which will be released sometime this spring!

View Photos of the show here.


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