VOLUMES’ Music Video “On Her Mind”

Volumes will be releasing its new album Different Animals on June 9, its first with vocalist Myke Terry. The new song is pretty standard djenty whatever-core, but holy shit… the rapping from Pouya is awful. I’ll leave you with these lyrics, which are in the song and have been transcribed by the band, for your viewing pleasure.

200 calls on my phone that I missed voice mails talkin bout where u at where u been
I need to know who u with
I already told u that i’m with the homies recording
I can’t be reportin my moves all day
more time with you less money go my way
lemme do my thang
lemme rock my chain
when i get home let the dingaling swing

I fell in love with the pain
she fell in love with the game
told u i never would change
pussy be callin my name
thuggin and bussin my thang
girl you fuckin insane
girl you fuckin a lame
girl i’m whippin a range
on and off the stage
critically acclaimed
pouya hoe you know i can’t be retained

Pre-order Different Animals here, if you’re not blind yet.


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