KORN releases new music video for “Black Is The Soul”

Korn, always ones to push forward with music videos released another fancy looking music video today for the track “Black Is The Soul” off their latest album, The Serenity Of Suffering . Catch them on tour this summer with Stone Sour & Baby Metal.


Summer Slaughter 2017

18881923_1316771245027525_6086001677587768709_nWell, here it is! The Summer Slaughter 2017 tour will run from July 27 to August 26, and include The Black Dahlia Murder playing its entire 2007 album Nocturnal in full, Dying Fetus, Oceano, Slaughter To Prevail, Origin, Rings of Saturn, Betraying The Martyrs and Lorna Shore!

The tour has not announced the official routing just yet, saying ” Friday we will announce the cities, venues and one more very exciting special guest who will be on the tour.” Who could the special guest be? Maybe another headliner, or a lower-down support group? All shall be revealed… and we’re looking forward to the announcement too, because we’ve got no clue.