Alabaster: ‘Unraveled’ EP Review

Album Info:

Artist– Alabaster
Album Name– Unraveled
Release Date– December 13 2011
Record Label– Self Released
Rocks Like– Paramore, Flyleaf, Bayside

Rating: 9/10

Female fronted bands are usually compared to Paramore even when the band does not sound like a clone of them. When you listen to Alabaster, they’re not just any other female fronted band; they bring their own style, which makes their sound unique in many different ways.

Alabaster is a band based in Seattle/Chicago who claim that they sound like as if “Rise Against and Paramore got it on with Anberlin.” I don’t disagree with them because once I plugged in my headphones and hit play to listen to their first track “Down,” the song started off with an amazing opening that weaved through the incredibly soft but very powerful vocals of the lead singer. What I liked most about listening through this EP is that they had a variety of song paces, lyrics, but kept with the musical style. The second song is called “More Medicine,” which starts off slow but not to the point where it was a ballad. Just like the first track, the song starts with a well-structured melodic intro and fuses well with the strong female vocals.

The best thing about this album is that even though they have different ranges and paces of songs, they kept with their strong openings and flowed through with the vocals. Another great thing about this album is that when you are listening to it, the way that the songs are ordered makes it feel as though it is from a set list of a concert. The open up with a fast paced song to get you pumped up and they end it with a beautifully written slow acoustic song called “Cigarettes & Love Letters.” This song in particular almost has a very nice lullaby mood to it. The acoustic guitars and violins work very well with the lyrics and vocals of the song which made it a great one to close the EP album with.

Alabaster is set to release their EP album Unraveled on December 13, 2011. If you are a definite fan of female fronted bands with strong amazingly talented musicians, I highly suggest you check them out. You will not be disappointed because the album is very well made and shows the true talents of each of the members of Alabaster.

For More Info About Alabaster, visit their facebook page

Review By: Kelsey Amor


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