Delta!Bravo: “Math+Science=Jetpacks!” EP Review

Rating: 8/10

By: Kelsey Amor

When a band claims that they want to be “the first intergalactic electro-pop-dance-rock band,” you know that you’ll be listening to one fun, entertaining, and appealing band. Delta!Bravo, who are based out in Portland, Oregon, are set to release their EP album soon this December. The EP album entitled, Math+Science=Jetpacks! EP, already has its kicks with just the title of their EP. You will be also intrigued by the way they titled some of their songs such as “Mr. Hoppus, You’re Champagne,” and “You Take Back What You Said About Thor!”

From the first song of the album, “Mr. Hoppus, Your Champagne,” they definitely fit what they call themselves an’ Electro-Pop-Dance-Rock’ band. The song starts off with the drums rolling, the guitars riffs playing, and the melodic sounds of the keyboard. With such a catchy tune you would not be able to hold yourself from dancing or even swaying side to side to the song. Each of the songs has that electro feel to it with the hint of pop rock and of course the urge to make you dance. Just like their track, “Back Off Man, I’m A Scientist!” just from their intro you wouldn’t be able to resist to dance along while it plays. Though they are such a great band to have a party with, they also slow the mood down with an adoring slow song called “831,” which wraps up the whole EP.

Although the vocals at times do not flow to well with some songs, the album will not disappoint you. I thoroughly enjoyed the catchy tunes, danceable melodies, and cute lyrics like, “You should be kissed by someone who knows how.” If you are a definite fan of bands who you know will make you enjoy a great party song, Delta!Bravo’s EP is definitely one to put on your next playlist.

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