Kyoto Drive: “The Approach” Album Review

British Band Kyoto Drive’s [@kyotodrive] ‘The Approach’ Appeals to Fans of the Pop Rock Scene

By: Monica Fernandez

An interesting blend of The Starting Line, Cartel, Phone Calls From Home, and Every Avenue, you wouldn’t know Kyoto Drive is a British band unless you did your research. With their latest album, ‘The Approach,’ released last month, influences of American pop rock are definitely evident in the hooks and melodies that leave you unconsciously tapping your foot to the beat.

Despite the misleading name, Kyoto Drive formed in Birmingham, England, in 2009, and have done an extensive bit of touring around the UK with the likes of The Starting Line, Hit the Lights and, coming this fall, Hawthorne Heights. But it seems as though they have not made much headway in the United States. Yet, anyway. This album has great potential to change that.

Appealing to fans both young and old, ‘The Approach’ has elements of the pop rock scene á la “Ocean Avenue” Yellowcard and The Starting Line, but it also relates to newer bands such as Phone Calls from Home and Every Avenue. The mix of the past and the present thus form the future: a balance of thoughtful (but still catchy) lyrics and nostalgic throwbacks to the good ole days of pop rock is what makes Kyoto Drive so unique, and thus so capable of gaining a substantial following Stateside.

Check out their album, streaming on SoundCloud, below, and if you like it, it’s available on iTunes now!


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