New Years Day: ‘The Mechanical Heart’ EP Review

Rating: 9/10
By: Kelsey Amor

For those who have been anticipating for New Years Day to come back with a bang, you’ve got what you’ve been waiting for. New Years Day is back, but not like the NYD you knew before. They’re built with Mechanical Hearts, and a 6 tracked EP called ‘The Mechanical Hearts’, which is available now. The band has grown from singing about ‘shooting cupids’ to ‘trading hearts to feel no pain.’ Now Ashley Costello, Matt Lindblad, Anthony Barro, Jake Jones, and Russel Dixon are back with darker rock EP.

The EP contains 6 tracks, like ‘I,Machine’ which starts off as an epic intro to smooth you in through the rest of their songs. This song has the lyrics of a pledge to trade your heart to become a machine. And after listening to that intro, trust me you’ll have it on repeat all day. The EP contains very different and dark songs like ‘Resurrection,’ ‘Let’s Get Dead,’ ‘Murder,’ ‘It’s Alive,’ and ‘2 In The Chest, 1 in The Head,’(which they just released a music video for.) The band has worked months on creating a very Halloween like atmosphere to their songs, like in ‘Let’s Get Dead,’ this song sounds like it is pulled from a horror movie but then you hear the old composition of the band fused with it.

They may sound very different but the band has found themselves to express themselves through the chords of their guitars, the deep tones of the base, the building beat of the drums, and the sweet but deadly voice of Ashley. If you are a fan of blood and guts but not a fan of hardcore or metal music, New Years Day’s ‘The Mechanical Hearts’ is definitely one you should pick up and get lost into.  And if you’re a fan of New Years Day from the start, you know the meaning of being part of a big creepy family. As Ashley says, “Stay Strange, My Creeps.”


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