Peace Mercutio: “Weather The Storm” Review

You might have heard of Peace Mercutio or read about them when they were featured in the AP Magazine or when they were on the front page of the music website promoting their debut album “Whether the Storm”. Their record was released on October 4, 2011 independently. The album consists of 12 songs which will have you jumping to their music.

Peace Mercutio is a four piece pop-rock/alternative band originally from Milwaukee, WI that now resides in Seattle,WA. I took the time to listen to their album and I’ve gotta say that this band which I’ve never heard of reminded me of Taking Back Sunday’s earlier material, in a good and different way. Many bands today don’t play or write songs without having breakdowns or someone scream, Peace Mercutio keeps it simple and catchy.

What’s great about this album is that every member in the band shows their talent and doesn’t “hide” behind the other instruments in the recordings. The bass lines are grooving and showcases the instrument very nicely. Guitars have cathy guitar riffs and use effects which brings that spice to the songs.

Every album needs a good love song, “Chicago” has a chorus you’ll have stuck in your head. At the end of “Street Light” you hear a storm which goes right into “Selah”, an instrumental song. “If Only” as mentioned in their interview with KGRG FM, is a song about the world telling you to do one thing but your heart is telling you to do another.

The band’s first single “Too Close For Comfort” will be released on the radio in the next few months. You can listen to “Whether the Storm” on, the album is also available for purchase through iTunes and Amazon.

For more on Peace Mercutio, visit their official Facebook page for tours, news, music and more.

“Whether the Storm” for the fans of : Taking Back Sunday, Saves the Day, Jimmy Eat World

~Brenda Mejia, October 24, 2011



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