The Greater The Risk: ‘Say What You Never Said’ Review

Rating: 8/10
By: Kelsey Amor

The Greater The Risk a band that is based out in Richmond, Virginia, has just recently released their new album Say What You Never Said on October 25th. For fans that are into the pop rock scene or just looking for a new good band to listen too, The Greater The Risk is definitely one band that should be checked out. There are not many bands that have female musicians playing today. One unique thing about this band is that not only do they have a female musician in their band, but also she plays lead guitar. You might have seen them featured on Alt Press’ “Artist of The Month” during February 2011. But this time they are back with an album with five attention-getting tracks.

Their album Say What You Never Said starts off with a very catchy track called “Friends and Foes.”  Through the whole album you can’t help but drum along with every track because of how catchy and fun the songs are, especially when you hear the track “Count Me Out” The vocals just ties in with each and every song of the album which lets whoever listening enjoy the music more. Even with such fast beat songs, The Greater The Risk does not fail to include a slower more softer song into their album called “The Better Or The Best You Remember” which was the best way to end listening to an album like this.

Overall the album was well written from the vocals, musical instruments, and the lyrics. It is a very fun, catchy, and awesome album to listen to. Especially if you are a big fan of pop rock bands, you will definitely enjoy listening to Say What You Never Said.

If you would like to purchase their album you can do so on iTunes

If you would like more information about the band go to their Facebook Page



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