FireSky EP Release Show Review

The all girl alternative rock band, FireSky had their release show on August 22, 2011 to celebrate their new EP record, Erase The Enemy. Shae Padilla (Guitar), Brenda Mejia (Bass), Kio K (Drums), and Anni Sutinen (Vocals) opened up their set with full energy and the music cranked up high along with the excitement of their fans. The girls started the night off with their song Free Fall which fans have long awaited to hear the new songs off their just released EP.

Their set was something to get lost into, between the lovely vocals of Anni, the low pulses of Brenda’s bass, the loud and rhythmic sounds of Kio’s drums, and to the hard edgy sound of Shae’s guitar. Each one of these girls not only played their best, but they did an amazing job on doing so.

Songs that were also included in their set were ‘Pleasure for Mourning, Soundtrack of My Life, Black as Night, and their title track to their EP, ‘Erase The Enemy’ By the third song, Anni made sure the crowd was involve with their set and had them clapping to the beat of their song. Towards the end of their set, they thanked everyone who came out to their show and played their last song, which left the crowd cheering loudly.

FireSky’s EP release show was very pleasing to watch and you would love these girls because of their great talent in music. Their EP, Erase The Enemy, is now available and can be bought on their website. And if they are ever in your town, I recommend that you go out and see these 4 talented girls amaze you when they perform live.

Review By: Kelsey Amor


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