Lostprophets with Cherri Bomb & I Am Cassettes Show Review

By: Ashley Balistrerie

The House of Blues Anaheim is a staple to most in the Inland Empire and Los Angeles areas for coming out to see their favorite bands perform and in some cases just a place to grab a few drinks and listen to some live music you’ve never heard before. The line up for August 11th 2012 was I Am Cassettes, a band from Ontario California. Cherri Bomb, an all girl group from Los Angeles California and Welsh rockers Lostprophets from Pontypridd Wales headlining the evening.

I Am Cassettes came out with a strong backing band. The singer however seemed to be relying too hard on his persona on stage to really move most of the crowd. The crowd was lackluster with a few exceptions and clear fans of the band. The singer Josh Paschke; former member of Inland Empire band Planes Crash seemed very pretentious and sadly it took away from the rest of the band who seemed to be giving it their all. Originally forming in 2010 with just Paschke and bassist Kevin Garcia, both previously hailing from hardcore backgrounds decided to start something new in a scene they considered growing stale. While recording their debut EP “Lovers and Liars” Darren Garcia on drums and Jon Levario on background vocals and lead guitar were made permanent members of I Am Cassettes.

Cherri Bomb was up next and they immediately grabbed the attention of the audience and kept their attention locked down. Cherri Bomb is an all girl rock band from Los Angeles California who were all fresh off of a stint on the Vans Warped Tour which Lostprophets came from as well. The band gave their all and was very technical. The vocals had moments of rough spots but it seemed to be more so the fault of the venue’s acoustics than the actual band themselves. During their main song Sacrificial Lamb they had a man come out in a robe and a lamb mask stalk around eerily behind them as their gimmick. They all range from the ages 14-16 and just released their full-length album on Hollywood Records on May 15th 2012 titled “This Is The End Of Control”. The band themselves definitely appeared to fit the part of a marketed look of a metal girl band, but they at least put more effort and energy into their set than the opening band. Cherri Bomb consists of Julia Pierce on lead guitar and vocals, Nia Lovelis on drums and vocals, Miranda Miller on rhythm guitar, keyboard and vocals and finally Rena Lovelis on bass and vocals.

After Cherri Bomb exited the stage, the crowd’s tension started to grow. A lot of older fans of Lostprophets were praying for them to play their ‘hits’ while the younger fans were just excited to finally see them play. People started closing in on each other and surrounding the stage. Their time for waiting almost paid off as the lights dimmed again; the curtains parted and out came Lostprophets ready to show the crowd what they were here for. To bring the whole venue down. Lostprophets came out all in matching jean jackets and their symbol patched on the back. Immediately starting off with Bring ‘Em Down off of their new album Weapons, the crowd went wild. Everyone dancing and screaming along to the song. From there on out, they did not disappoint old fans at all. The rest of the set list continued with To Hell We Ride, Start Something, Can’t Catch Tomorrow(Good Shoes Won’t Save You This Time), A Town Called Hypocrisy. At this point in the evening, they started to play a Sweet Child O’ Mine cover that then went into Where We Belong. The continued the trend with the beginning of Orgy’s Blue Monday that led into Last Summer. Rooftops was next on their list, which greatly pleased the awaiting crowd. They decided to bring out another new song and played We Bring An Arsenal which caused a pit to form and even more dancing and screaming than previously mentioned. Shinobi VS Dragon Ninja was the next fan pleaser song which also had frontman Ian Watkins start doing a random bit Up In Here by DMX during the instrumental break down of the song. Finally, the song most fans were waiting for started playing and it was the biggest sing along I have ever had the pleasure of being apart of. Those opening chords of Last Train home started playing and the crowd joined in sync and started swaying, jumping and singing with the lyrics. They concluded their energetic set with Everyday Combat and Burn, Burn. The band was full of charisma and good natured humor.

All in all, it was a very good show. A bit of everything for everyone in attendance.



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