My American Heart Final Reunion Show Review

by: Ashley Balistrerie

The Red Ribbon Army:

On August 18th 2012, Taking Roads Media headed out to The Glasshouse to check out The Red Ribbon Army who were opening for My American Heart’s final reunion show. Before they graced the stage, we noticed a lot of people supporting them with merch; while one girl actually placed a sticker on her forehead in support. TRRA came out and immediately went into a cover of Kanye West and Jay Z’s “Nigga’s In Paris” that led into their own song Death To The Red Ribbon Army. Those opening tracks set the tone for the rest of their performance and the rest of the evening. That was only one of a few cover/lead into their own song combos. The rest of their set list included:

Avici’s Levels/ Dream Chaser(their track)
Twenty Twelve
Nicki Minaj’s Starship/ Christian Antics and Hopeless Romantics
Who We Are Is What We Fight For

While their set wasn’t as long as the crowd would have enjoyed, they truly put in all of their effort into making it a great performance. Even though the vocal set up was less than desired(the vocals at times were drowned out by the heavy feedback), it is not a testament to singer/guitarist Colin Coleman’s very apparent talent. The band was very technical and spot on with their instruments. A bunch of talented guys.

The whole band includes:
D. Sakamoto – (Drums)
Cole Dickey – (Guitar)
Kole Vaughn – (Bass/Vocals)

With the reception The Red Ribbon Army received, you should expect to hear about them again very soon.



My American Heart:

If you’ve heard anything about My American Heart and are a fan you are probably aware that they called it quits back in fall of 2009 and played their farewell shows in the beginning of 2010. Well, the first of a few farewell shows. After the unfortunate incident of their label folding, and the limbo of being signed to a non-existant label- the band decided to hang up their coats on MAH and pursue other options. They’ve played a few off reunion shows here and there to help bail them out and pay off accumulated debt when they were a band. However, their performance at The Glasshouse was their official, final reunion show. Many fans that were holding out in hopes that this was a cruel joke and that they were actually going to announce their return were extremely saddened when this realization took over the venue during the last few songs. Before the band even took the stage the whole crowd was shouting “No Way Out”(the band’s previous name before they decided on My American Heart.) until the moment the lights dimmed and My American Heart approached the stage, every thing went crazy. The crowd started moshing and shoving to get as close as physically possible to the stage. To put it frankly, the minute they took the stage the whole crowd ‘lost their shit’.

My American Heart’s set:

Boys! Grab Your Guns
This Won’t stop
There are more frightening things
Speak Low If You Speak Love
All my friends
The Shake
Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather
Don’t sleep
Tired & Uninspired

They ended their set with a three song encore but the crowd still begged for more. At the end of the performance and before fans were ushered out by Glasshouse security, the band was out selling merch/cd’s, and taking photographs and talking with fans. A few fans were emotional, a few were ecstatic and some were just downright melancholy but regardless of the fans’ moods, they all showed their appreciation of this band and thankful to able to see them one last time. My American Heart may no longer be a band(who knows, maybe we’ll get another reunion a while down the road!) their show at The Glasshouse will definitely live on in a lot of hearts. Pun intended.


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