Warped Tour Battle of the Bands: Quinn Ivory

Warped Tour Battle of the bands is the one battle many bands want to win in order for them to take a spot to play a stage at the touring music festival. Quinn Ivory took the Chain Reaction stage in Anaheim CA June 31st battling up against five other bands to move on to the second round of this battle.

Each band was judged on stage presence, crowd participation and song quality.

Quinn Ivory consists of three young musicians, Liz Hill (vocals), Logan Scott (guitar) and Valerie Franco (drums) along with two fill in musicians, Matt Morgan on bass and James Rensink on guitar.

As Quinn Ivory was setting up the stage, a crowd of friends, fans and family gathered up to the front of the stage and were ready for the band to start playing. The venue’s lights dimmed down, the sound of drumsticks clicking started and the crowd put their hands together and clapped as the band took the stage.

Filled with energy, catchy lyrics, hard hitting drum beats, and melodic guitars, the band played a set of five songs, three taken from their self titled EP “Quinn Ivory” along with two other songs “Hey Hey Hey” a crowd’s fist pumping favorite and “You Bring the Cupcakes, I’ll Bring the Zombies”.

From start to finish, Quinn Ivory kept the crowd going. Every one of the members had a strong stage presence and connected with the crowd in many ways.

As the night ended at Chain Reaction, the winner for the first Battle of the Band’s round was announced. “Tonight’s Battle of the Band’s winner is, Quinn Ivory”. Not a huge surprise knowing that they were the only band to have a supportive/participating crowd and great stage presence, they took the first round. Small celebration of hugs, jumping and screaming, Quinn Ivory moves on to the second round.

Quinn Ivory will take the stage for the second time at Chain Reaction July 2, 2011 for the second round of the Warped Tour Battle of the bands. Tickets are on sale at http://quinnivory.storenvy.com/products/104874-warped-tour-battle-of-the-bands-round-2-tickets

You can check out Quinn Ivory at http://www.facebook.com/QuinnIvory

Review By: Brenda Mejia


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